The Lowdown

What is Pro Sports Travel about? Well, it's not a travel agency specializing in tours to see pro sports games - although that would be really cool. What the main purpose of this site is to profile cities throughout North America and beyond, providing all pro sports options for those visiting those cities.

But, it's not just limited to the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. Everything will be covered here from the lowest minor pro leagues, as well as a wider range of sports, including lacrosse, soccer, arena football, etc.

Why? This is a great companion to our self-hosted sites OHL Alumni Central, Vintage Hockey Cards Report and It's About Travelling. Plus, it's fun and should prove to be a great resource.

Why else? It's a bit of an experiment in the viability of Blogger as a website platform. I started with Blogger back in 2009 with Being A Vegan Athlete. That site is still around but is very rarely updated. I found the wonders of Wordpress and suddenly working with Blogger was a disaster. However, Blogger seems to have improved a bit and being part of the Google family makes it potentially attractive for SEO and revenue (Google Adsense).

So, bookmark this site and check us out often. Along with the indepth city pro sports profile articles, we'll be doing monthly reviews on traffic and revenue from this site.

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